Getting A Grip On Your Gripes (2 of 3) by Curt Dodd

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Part II
Philippians 2:14-18

Have you ever had one of those days when you came home and you
were really disappointed. I mean, nobody could do anything
right for you. The deal was nothing really had changed that
much in your house but you had the B.A.'s, the bad attitude.
Maybe it was the traffic that did it, maybe it was a problem
with one of your friends, maybe at school, maybe some person
down in the neighborhood. Somebody looked at you wrong; or
right before you left the office, you got a note of complaint
from somebody in another department or another company and they
won't even dare mention their name and it really made you full
of a bad attitude. What happened is you came home and because
you had not expressed your frustration with what had happened,
you began to just take it out on everybody else. You gripped at
the kids because they had their bicycles out on the front lawn,
a place where they should not have been because you've told them
fourteen zillion times, "Don't ever lay your bicycle in the
middle of the driveway or on the sidewalk." You know? Or maybe
it was your wife, or maybe it was your mom, or your husband, it
just came out and all of a sudden you found yourself in one of
these gripping modes that you couldn't get out of.

What in the world do you do? How do you get a grip on your
gripes when they have control over your heart and control over
your life? In fact, sometimes the gripes get so powerful in
our life that we not only take them home with us, sleep with
them, shower with them, but we eat breakfast with them the next
day and take them back out into the work environment or ...

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