How God Does Christmas by Curt Dodd

How God Does Christmas
Curt Dodd
Luke 2:1-20, Matthew 2:1-12

There are many wonderful Christmas traditions across the world. In Russia, for Christmas, the children celebrate Christmas. Even after the communists took over in 1917, they sing carols called "Kolyada" or "Father Christmas Songs." Christmas trees are still common, but now they are called "New Year's Trees" and they have a Santa Claus but they call him, "Grandfather Frost." Whenever they can the children trudge from house to house through the snow, playing snow games and having sleighing parties. That's part of their Christmas celebration.

In Ireland, the Irish children enjoy Christmas cheer the same way we enjoy it here but on a less lavish scale. They have a beautiful practice of lighting their candles in their windows on Christmas Eve as a guide and invitation to all who may, like Mary and Joseph, may be looking for shelter. Then wanderers are welcomed and as they leave the next morning, they are given adequate funding to help them the next day. It's more of a giving mentality.

In our country, many people have wonderful different kinds of Christmas traditions. I heard of one where before they open up presents, one family in our church, sits around, reads the Christmas Story and then everyone goes around the room and thanks the Lord publicly for one thing in their live. That's a wonderful thing.

Some people celebrate Christmas, Christmas Eve; some people celebrate it Christmas Day. But regardless of how you celebrate Christmas, you need to do Christmas God's way. Tonight I want to share with you how God does Christmas. You know, we focus so much on how other people do Christmas, and different families do Christmas, but how does God do Christmas? I would suggest to you very quickly there are ten basic things how God does Christmas that I would share with you tonight.


That's how God does Christmas. The Bible tells us that w ...

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