Living With God And One Another by Fenton Moorhead

Pastor Fenton Moorhead
Ezekiel 33:11, Timothy 1:13
June 10, 2001

This morning let me call to your attention two
passages of scripture, I'd like to read them for you,
I'll tell you where they are. Ezekiel 33:11, and then
1st Timothy 1:13, would you stand?
(Read passage from Ezekiel)
(Read passage First Timothy 1:13)
"Father in heaven, thank you that you take no
pleasure in one soul that ends up in an eternal hell,
no pleasure at all. You receive no joy and no
satisfaction. And Lord, you take great pleasure in
seeing the worst of sinners saved, transformed,
changed, forgiven and Lord, help us today to stand
once again before the cross of Jesus Christ, help
those who have been to the cross to stand there afresh
and to see that all is by grace, all is by faith. And
help those who have never stood there before, to see
that they matter to God, no matter what they've done,
in Jesus Name," amen, amen. Thank you, be seated.
This afternoon if you could spend 30 minutes with
Timothy McVey, what would you talk to him about?
Thirty minutes with Timothy McVey. Could you offer
the terrorist, the bomber of the Federal Building in
Oklahoma City, responsibility for 169 deaths,
including 19 children, and 500 other persons injured,
could you offer him any hope?
Tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock a.m. Eastern
Standard Time, by lethal injection he will die in
Terre Haute, Indiana at the Federal prison. Could you
give him any hope? Would you want to? Would you want
I think when I heard of the bombing of the
Federal Building in Oklahoma City, I was stunned like
almost all of you I'm sure, I never thought that
somebody would penetrate into the heartland of America
and carry out an act of terrorism against our country.
I thought for sure it was some foreign conspiracy,
some radical extremist from some land that looks upon
America as a hated place, a hated government, th ...

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