Who Do You Say I Am? (1 Of 14) by Fenton Moorhead

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Tape One - Who Do You Say I Am?
By Pastor Fenton Moorhead

... who God is. If we define who we are, apart
from a knowledge of who God is, we totally miss our
own identity. Your ability to identify yourself, to
know who you are, is totally dependent upon your
knowledge of God and who God is. So I can miss
completely understanding who I am, and how I relate to
myself, to those around me, the world in which I live,
everything is dependent upon who God is.

So we ask the question, who am I? Who is God?
Somewhere along the line we have to ask the question,
who is Jesus Christ? If you take today your outline
out of your bulletin, you see we're beginning a new
series on the Identity of Christ. A series on the
Identity of Christ, the person of Christ, and we begin
with a scripture Matthew 16:13 where Jesus, in the
midst of His ministry, turns to His disciples and He
says, "Who do people say I am? What is the crowd
saying about Me? How is the crowd describing Me? Who
do the people say I am?"

There's some discussion about that, and then
Jesus says, "But who do you say I am?" He made it

You know, for you today, it is important what
people around you think about Jesus Christ, because
their understanding of who they are depends upon their
understanding of Christ. And if they miss Christ, as
far as I'm concerned, then they've missed everything.
But eventually the question comes to you, and to me,
"Who do you say that Jesus Christ is?" Now I want you
to look at this, because there are two terms in the
New Testament that describe who Jesus is, that areall
encompassing, and who He is fits under both of these
titles. All other titles of who Jesus is will fit
under these two.

Jesus says, "Who do people say the son of man
is?" Isn't that interesting?

If we look in the Old Testament, Ezekiel referred
to himself as a prophet of God and called hi ...

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