More Than Just A Pretty Face - Part Ii (2 Of 2) by Fenton Moorhead

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QUEEN ESTHER, Part Two, September 14, 1997

By Pastor Fenton Moorhead

... how God has so gifted this man, and we've been singing his songs all these
years, and we didn't know it. We don't think about the people behind the Christian
artist that's in the forefront sometimes, and not only gifted him musically, but also a
real person. He cons and gas, I love it.
This is the second message in a series of two about Queen Esther, who was
more than just a pretty face. So take your Bible and find the book of Esther. If you
don't have your Bible with you, there is one in the pew in front of you, and you can
find the book of Esther if you want to follow along in the outline within your
bulletin, I have picked out some of the verses, but this is a kind of a just bits and
pieces of some crucial verses that we'll be looking at this morning as we go through
the rest of the book of Esther.
God calls the most unlikely people to become heroic in courageous faith
against all odds. Such was Esther, a Jewish peasant girl in captivity in far away
Babylonia. Her mother and father had died, she was being raised by Mordecai who
was her advisor, who was the one who brought her up.
And a very self-centered king, king Xerxes who loved to
throw big parties. He had given a party that had lasted for seven days, and he had
served wine, and the whole idea was come and drink as much as you can drink. And
at the end of the seven days, when everybody was really probably bashed out of their
mind, he called for his queen Vashti to come in. And as a prize steer, he was going to
march her in front of that drunken crowd of men because she was giving a banquet
for the women.
And she did something that a woman had never done in the ancient empire of
Persia before, she said no to the king, and it was obvious. And so he was infuri ...

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