More Than Just A Pretty Face - Part I (1 Of 2) by Fenton Moorhead

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QUEEN ESTHER, Part One - September 7, 1997

By Pastor Fenton Moorhead

... in the Old Testament, it's on page 916, and I encourage you just to keep
reading through this book, this most unusual book, out of the exile of the Jews into
Babylonia, and what happens there.
Archaeologists have found discoveries of Jewish names listed in the records
of ancient cities all over Media and Persia that verifies the presence of the Jewish
people scattered at the time of their captivity, and names that even resemble, of the
names here in the book of Esther. And so it is such a remarkable book in every way.
It is one of the most beautiful pieces of literature, if it were merely literature, to be
found written with such tremendous irony and how it is expressed, and so
descriptive, and so full of color and life in every way. So I encourage you just to
begin reading it.
I want to really encourage our girls, our girls middle school through high
school regarding this book, because of the emphasis in our culture on who you are is
how you look, and attractiveness is the key to life. And I think there's so much more
than that, that we need to hear, the emphasis gets so tilted in just one direction. And
so we have a gift
for every girl in our church who brings a friend or friends, plural, a gift for the girl
and for her friend or her friends and it is a sterling silver chain, and there is a queen's
crown, very much as we've seen royalty so much on television these last days, quite
a queenly crown.
And so these are available for every girl who brings a guest, and for her guest,
and they're available at the student table in the foyer after the service. You just have
to go by and pick it up. Also there's a card that goes with it that reminds you,
"Queen Esther, more than just a pretty face, much more." Although she ...

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