How Jesus Prayed For His Disciples (2 Of 4) by Fenton Moorhead

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"How Jesus Prayed for His Disciples"

By Pastor Fenton Moorhead

... looking at the special protection He prayed for them, and that protection is still for you and for
me today.
And then we'll see how He prayed for the results of their mission and ministry, anyone else who
would believe, His church through the ages. So this prayer records the heart of Christ for His own mission,
going to the cross, that was last week. And now for His disciples, those who believe, that would carry on
His work, His deep concern for them and their well being.
And as we look at this, we're able to look back, and to see the very heart of Christ, and His deep
relationship with the Father, His concern for the mission He was carrying out, for it's completion, for the
provision of forgiveness to all who would respond by faith, and that glory would be given to the Father, and
then He would return to be with the Father once again, in the beauty and perfection of heaven. And the way
would be opened for others to come.
And so this prayer allows us to understand the concerns of Christ, and it begins here with a section
of rejoicing, of rejoicing on the part of Christ, that something has happened to His disciples. Jesus rejoiced
that the disciples, what?

Well, how many of you really enjoyed 9th grade Algebra,
when you took 9th grade Algebra, there are few of you. God bless you for having that gift. When I took
9th grade Algebra, I couldn't figure out why you'd want to put an X somewhere instead of a number? Or,
why you'd want to put a pie somewhere, a pie was something you ate, and none of it, it was so abstract, it
just didn't seem to make any sense. And I never got it. Other things in school I was able to pick up on, and
to say, "Yea, I got that, in fact I even like that." And I passed 9th grade Algebra by grace, not by works. It
was definitely a ...

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