Rediscovering The Kingdom Of God (4 Of 4) by Fenton Moorhead

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Tape Four, Rediscovering the Kingdom of God

By Pastor Fenton Moorhead

Today we look at the kingdom of God, the church in the coming Century, and it's understanding of
God's rule in our lives, the kingdom of God.
John rule, the rich young ruler was being invited into the kingdom of God, he chose to live in the
kingdom of this world instead. He chose to bet the farm on this world, rather than on Mr. Good, the Son of
God, Jesus Christ.
The kingdom of God is how God desires to work in people's lives. Jesus spoke repeatedly of the
kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven, He used the terms interchangeably. And unless we understand
how God does His work in human lives, we will miss how He wants to use this church, as an expression of
His kingship, His rule, the kingdom of God. So today we concentrate on this.
What kind of people is God looking for in His kingdom? Well He's looking for people where He is
transforming their lives. He's bringing about a real spiritual transformation, He is working from the inside
out. It is a radical, revolutionary transformation that develops the personal character of a person into the
very likeness of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. And this transformation begins at

conversion, and continues until Christ returns, or we leave this body and go to be present with the Lord.
So He's looking for people where He's working from the inside out. And those who respond to
Him, out of love, He's not looking for people in His kingdom that are mechanical. He doesn't work in a
mechanical way. He isn't looking for people who just do things right with no heart, He's not looking for that
at all. He doesn't coerce Himself, that is not the way He works, He offers Himself. His guidance is aimed
at transformation, personal transformation, not at enabling people to just carry out their own plans.
There's a story called ...

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