Rediscovering The Church As The Body Of Christ (1 Of 4) by Fenton Moorhead

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Tape One, Rediscovering the Church as the Body of Christ

By Pastor Fenton Moorhead

"... that is written here for us, that is an expression of your heart, your passion, your concern for
people, that ordinary, everyday, trouble, hurting people have great value to you. Teach us today that we
also matter, and you have a vision and a purpose for our lives, reveal it to us, in Jesus Name, amen." Thank
you, be seated.
The next four Sundays I'm going to be speaking specifically about the church. I've looked into the
scripture, and have just asked God to enable me to look, as if for the first time, to simply see what Jesus
intended and created the church to be. Not to look at what we are, how we've done things, what I'm
accustomed to, but to look for the vision and purpose of Jesus in establishing and creating His church. And
it has been an exciting and refreshing thing to do.
What I discovered was that I was to look at Christ, to look then at the world in which we live, what
is happening around us, and then to ask, "What would Jesus do? How would He communicate Himself?
How would He minister in the world today?"
And so I hope in these four weeks, I'm going to have

some great news for you, some exciting things. But sometimes we respond differently to news. Such was
the case of the family in England where they all bought tickets to the annual lottery. They even bought a
ticket for their grandfather that lived in the home, Harry. And to their astonishment, Harry won the lottery.
And then they were afraid to tell him, for Harry had a weak heart. They were afraid the news would so
upset him he would die.
And not knowing how to go about this, they called someone they thought could handle news of all
kinds, they called their Pastor and said, "Harry has won the lottery, will you come tell him, we're afraid he'll
drop dead if we tel ...

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