How To Get A Brand New Life! by Fenton Moorhead


Sunday morning, September 30, 1990

HAVE YOU LOST SOMETHING? a knowledge of absolutes, what is good!

Eddie Murphy, Hollywood star, was interviewed by People
Magazine. He spoke about his success and fame, but concluded
that something was missing. Deep inside he admited that it
wasn't enough!

PRO 14:12-13 "There is a way that seems right to a man, but in
the end it leads to death. Even in laughter the heart may ache,
and joy may end in grief."

The Bible tells us what is missing in all of our lives!

I. What God created "good" is lost.

The inner ache inside of us is caused by what the Bible calls
sin. Adam and Eve enjoyed beautiful fellowship with God in a
perfect garden until they made a choice that not only infected
them, but all mankind. Since then mankind has been following in
their steps.

Sin in the Bible is described by several different words!

Sin always begins in the heart where man pridefully feels and
thinks he can handle things on his own, that he really dosn't
need God!

Sin means:

to "miss the mark" that God has set for us. We chose another
way, another purpose!

to "transgress", to willfully step across one of God's rules
that were laid down for our good!

to commit "iniquity", or gross sin, to know in advance of God's
law and the consequences but to continually sin in the face of

Adam and Eve were driven from the garden. Eden was closed! Their
innocence was lost! Have you ever seen a little child all made
up with gobbs of makeup? ...

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