The Year Of Hope, Hope For Serenity by Fenton Moorhead


Phi. 4:7 And the peace of God, which transcends all
understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ


1. CITIBANK became the # 1 lender in America when it CUT IN HALF
the number of days to be approved for a loan.

2. DENNY'S Restaurant experienced a huge increase in business
when it announced it would serve lunch in 10 minutes or no
charge, and they actually brought a timer to the table to time

3. DOMINOS became # 1 one in pizza sales because they guaranteed
delivery in 30 minutes. The CEO of Dominos said, "We don't sell
pizza, we sell delivery."
And if you ever tasted a Domino's pizza...?

4. USA Today reported that DOCTOR'S HOSPITAL in Detroit, taking
a clue from Dominos Pizza, guaranteed Emergency Room treatment
in 20 minutes or you don't have to pay. So far Doctor's Hospital
has delivered on their promise and business has increased 30%
The mortality rate has gone up 120%, but win a few and loose a

5. PERT PLUS became the # 1 seller of shampoo, Why? Because they
put the conditioner in with the shampoo and made it one step
instead of two. "Wash and Go" was their slogan.

6. In 1967 expert testimony was given to a sub-committee of the
US Senate which said that labor saving, time saving technology
would change the way we work and live.
Within 20 years people would be working 32 weeks a year or would
work 22 hours a week or retire by the time we are in our 40's.
The major concern or challenge we would face in 20 years would
be what to ...

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