Checking For Signs Of Life by Fenton Moorhead


On Sunday morning, May 9, 1993, immediately following the 9:40
AM worship service, a visitor named William Nelson walked out of
the worship center into the East foyer and began telling one of
our members, Conrad Hartwig, how much the service meant to him.
Suddenly William Nelson collapsed and stopped breathing.

Members of our church including Mike Gullickson and Sid Waldron
began CPR procedures on William Nelson. When the EMT crew
arrived they attached William Nelson to a monitor to check for
signs of life while they prepared to shock his heart back to

There was a sigh of relief among all those who cared for William
Nelson, pushing on his chest and breathing for him. When the
shock paddles were applied, the monitor showed there was a sign
of life. His heart was beating again! They rushed William Nelson
to the hospital where he continued to recover.

What are the signs of life that your spiritual heart is beating,
that Jesus Christ is alive inside of you?

The Bible calls the spiritual signs of life, "FRUIT".

Jesus said, "By their FRUIT you will recognize them."

A good tree that is alive naturally produces good fruit. It
doesn't even have to try. It is a natural process that happens
because it is alive, and will, in season, bear fruit.

Jesus said, "I ...

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