High-Voltage Love (1 of 8) by Rick Ferguson

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Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

(An Exposition and Application of 1Corinthians 13)

Introduction: Today I want to begin by reading one of the most beautiful, poetic, and powerful passages of Scripture in the entire Bible.

I invite you to open your Bibles to 1CORINTHAINS 13 and read with me.

This chapter will be familiar to many of you. It is often called THE LOVE CHAPTER because that is the theme of the 13 verses that make up the 13th chapter of the Book of 1st Corinthians.

The Apostle Paul is writing this to a group of believers located in the ancient city of Corinth Greece. This particular church in Corinth was a church riddled with internal problems:


- The church had members who were LIVING IN OPEN, DEFIANT SIN and bringing shame on the entire congregation and on the Lord.

- The church was CONFUSED ABOUT SPIRITUAL GIFTS and they were allowing unwarranted, excessive, mystical practices that were closing linked to paganism, to be exercised in the church.

- They had disputes going on between members of the church that were so intense, they were taking each other to court and SUING ONE ANOTHER.

- This church had degraded in their spiritual life to the point of POLLUTING THE ORDINANCES. They had turned the communion service into nothing more than a drunken party for the ''rich and beautiful.''

- There were SERIOUS DOCTRINAL PROBLEMS in the Church--some apparently were even questioning the resurrection of Jesus and the future resurrection of the dead.

- And to top it all off, THER WERE AS STINGY AS ALL GET-OUT! Paul had been collecting a relief offering all over Asia, and Asia minor to take to the Christians back in Jerusalem (the mother church) because by this time. Imperial Rome putting extreme pressure on Jerusalem. They were ready to march the Iron Legions of Rome into Jerusalem and destroy it (which is exactly what they d ...

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