Quantum Living For The Persecuted (9 of 9) by Rick Ferguson

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Exploring what Jesus taught about life in the
Rick Ferguson
Matthew 5:10

"Blessed are those who are persecuted for
righteousness' sake, for theirs' is the kingdom of

Introduction: "Life Outside The Amusement Park"

Dr. David Jeremiah is one of my favorite preachers. I
have used his tapes as one of my primary study sources
for this series of messages on the Beatitudes.

In his introductory message on the Beatitudes, he read
a short parable written by a girl named Gloria. I
want to read this parable to you, as a way of
preparing our minds for the Beatitude which will be
the focus of our attention today.

Many times I have felt as if I am trapped on a huge
roller coaster that goes up and down and round and
round. Sometimes I manage to escape and get off the
mad ride but I am still in the Amusement Park.
Outside the park, the world looks exciting but it's
too risky. I'm not that sure I could survive, so the
Amusement Park remains the biggest attraction.
Everyone is being persuaded to stay inside and to get
back on the roller coaster.

Yet I still think of people in the past who have gone
outside the Amusement Park. They are the ones who
seem to truly seek for God with all their hearts and
minds and souls and bodies and are fully prepared to
give it all up. They're the ones who live
uncompromising lives, who don't feel the grip of
money, the pressure of society, the weakened desire
for goodness, punctured self-discipline, the crushing
fear of the future, the horror of death, the threat of
injustice, the need for security, the rule of self.
They don't struggle for faith, hope and love; faith,
hope and love pour out of them and through them.

It seems, from my viewpoint inside the Amusement Park,
that those who live on the outside are those who are
truly free. And I would like to live out there, but I

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