Quantum Living For The Peace Makers (8 of 9) by Rick Ferguson

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(Exploring What Jesus Taught About Life In The
Rick Ferguson
Matthew 5:9

"Blessed are the PEACEMAKERS, for they shall be called
the sons of God"

Introduction: If you had the power to end all
international and interpersonal conflicts and wars for
just one day, would you do it?

Sure you would. It's a no-brainer. If given the power
to bring an end to man's war with man, every one of us
would use it.

Sincere men have been searching for a way to broker a
true and lasting "Peace on earth" since the beginning
of recorded history.

Unfortunately, our sincere attempts have been pretty
ineffective. We live in a world characterized by:
Warfare and

EX. The world was so devastated and horrified by the
destruction and the massive loss of human life from
WWII that a global organization called the United
Nations was founded in the attempt to put an end to
modern day wars.

The Charter of the United Nations states that their
purpose for existing is to spare succeeding
generations from the scourge of war! Yet, there has
not been a single day since the chartering of the
United Nations in 1945 that the world has been without
war somewhere. Not one single day.

Apparently, even the United Nations does not have the
power to deliver the world a single day of true peace.

Kind of discouraging isn't it?

There is little peace in our world today.

This is not because some sincere men have not tried to
broker peace.

EX. I heard of a man in Santa Domingo who was so
passionate about ending the war and bloodshed in his
country that he staged a protest.
His plan was to allow himself to be nailed to a cross
and left there for forty-eight hours as a way to
demonstrate for peace in his country.
The man's name was Patrice Tomao.

Unfortunately he had to be taken off the cross after
twenty hours because infection ...

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