Quantum Living Is Living With Total Integrity (7 of 9) by Rick Ferguson

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Exploring what Jesus taught about life in the
Rick Ferguson
Matthew 5:8

"Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see

Introduction: There is an old saying in the Hills of
Missouri that gets to the heart of what I think Jesus
would like to teach us today. It simply says,

"You don't purify the water by painting the pump."

You and I need more than just a paint-job on the
outside of our lives. We need a transformation on the

Real change, lasting change happens from the inside
out, not from the outside in.

I fear that all too often we try to fix broken people
through counseling and psychotherapy and behavioral
modifications, but it does about as much good as
giving a heart-attack victim a hair cut. When your
heart is fibrillating.

You don't need a shave and a hair cut...you need heart

You don't need a barber or a make-up consultant...you
need a cardiologist.

Jesus Christ is a "Premier Cardiologist."

Jesus is far more concerned about what goes on, on the
inside of our lives than He is the outside.

Jesus is far more concerned about your heart than He
is your hair or your outward appearances.

Jesus heals your life by dealing with the heart... not
just the external symptoms.

EX. When we leave town for vacation we like to have
people stay at our house and kind of "house-sit."
This past summer it just happened that we were
scheduled to be gone on vacation the week Pastor Rick
Lewis, Sally and their family was in process of moving
from Sterling to Denver. It worked out great for them
to stay at our house while we were gone.

They hadn't been at our house but a day or two and
they began to notice an offensive smell. What they
did not know is that the weekend before they had come
to stay at our house, we had opened our home for a
women's retreat. And somehow a breake ...

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