Quantum Living For The Spiritually Starving (5 of 9) by Rick Ferguson

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Rick Ferguson
Matthew 5:6

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after
righteousness for they shall be filled."

Introduction: What is your favorite restaurant in

Can I tell you mine? Without question it is The Claim
Jumper, located at I-25 and Quebec. WOW! Do I ever
love eating at that place!

How many of you have eaten there?

If you have eaten there, you probably know why I
consider it my favorite place in Denver to eat out.
It is because of the enormously huge portions of food
they serve.

The food is good
The portions are enormous.
I'm talking about really pigging out!

I love their "Baby Back Ribs." You can eat enough
ribs there to clog every artery from your head to your
toes. I'm telling you, they give you so much food you
can surpass your cholesterol and fat-grams quota for
an entire year in one meal. But boy is it good.

We ate there recently on Brett's 22nd birthday. I
ordered my favorite, the Baby-Back Ribs. I ate so
much food that I thought I was going to pop. When I
left the restaurant, I was so full, so happy, so
satisfied, I thought, 'I'll never have to eat again as
long as I live. I just ate enough food to last me
until I die."

That was a Saturday night. I went to bed smiling and
full and happy a possum in a persimmon patch.

But guess what happened when I woke up the next
morning. I was hungry again, and before I left for
church, I had to go foraging in the kitchen for a
little breakfast.

While we are talking about food. I have to tell you
that one of my favorite foods is Bread Pudding. And
Kathy makes the best bread pudding you ever put in
your mouth. I can eat that until I am so full, I feel
like it is going to run out of my ears, and enjoy
every bite. But I never get enough. The more I eat,
the more I want. ...

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