Quantum Living For The Brokenhearted (3 of 9) by Rick Ferguson

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Exploring what Jesus taught about life in the
Rick Ferguson
Matthew 5:4

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be


Are you a happy person? A really happy person?

Has your pursuit of happiness, meaning and contentment
been successful? OR, do you sit here today with a
gnawing sense that something is still missing in your

Would you concede that often the things we pursue in
an attempt to capture that illusive state of true
happiness, do not produce what they had promised??

Ill. Movie: Cool Runnings

The comedy film Cool Runnings is about the first
Jamaican bobsled team to go to the Olympics. The late
John Candy played a former American Gold Medalist who
became a coach to the Jamaican team and the players
grow to like the American coach and affectionately dub
him "Sled-god" in the movie. Later in the story, the
coach admits to his dark history. In an Olympics
following his gold medal performance he broke the
rules. What he did was, he added some weights to the
U.S. sled to make it go down the hill faster and he
got caught, bringing disgrace on himself and his team.
One of the Jamaican bobsledders could not understand
why anyone who had won a gold medal would cheat and in
the movie he nervously asks John Candy to explain.
And these were the lines,

"I had to win," he said, "but I learned something. I
learned that if you are not happy without a gold
medal, you won't be happy with one either."

Isn't there a tremendous "Life-Lesson" in that line by
John Candy? "If you aren't happy without a gold
medal, you won't be happy with one either."

I think down deep inside, most of us know this about
life, and yet we still innately pursue "things" in an
attempt to capture that illusive, euphoric state of
happiness that lasts and does not fade in time.

The problem is, ofte ...

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