Quantum Living Begins At The End Of Your Rope (2 of 9) by Rick Ferguson

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Exploring What Jesus taught about life in the
Rick Ferguson
Matthew 5:3

"Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the
kingdom of heaven."

Would you like to know how to take your life to the
next level?

Would you like to know how to move from mundane living
to quantum living?

I believe Jesus Christ is the way to transition to
quantum living. He said this was His very purpose and
mission in coming to earth . . .

(John 10:10)
"I am come that they might have life and have it more

I really, really believe Jesus Christ can take your
life to the next level today.


It is going to blow your mind when you hear what your
creator God has to say about living life to its

He is going to show you a way of life that you or I
would never embrace on our own. In fact it cuts
against the grain of everything that is in us.

It is radical.
It is counter-cultural.
It is fanatic.
It is revolutionary.
It is uncomfortable.
It is way outside the box.
It is extreme.

But it is the way Jesus said you can really experience
life to its very fullest.

The way to Quantum Living is given by Jesus in the
very first public sermon He ever preached. We have
come to refer to it as

The Sermon on the Mount.

The introduction to the sermon begins with a
description of eight character qualities the define
the way to real blessing or Quantum Living. We refer
to these eight qualities of a truly blessed life as
The Beatitudes.

Today I want give our attention to the first of these
eight Quantum Life Character Qualities, and talk about
all its implications on us.

A navigator knows that, before you can plot an
accurate course/route to your ultimate destination,
you have to begin from the right fixed reference

So, where does Jesus say the road to Quantum Living

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