Chasing Our Tails - The Ellusive Pursuit Of Happiness (1 of 9) by Rick Ferguson

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Chasing Our Tails—The Elusive Pursuit of Happiness (1
of 9)
QUANTUM LIVING: Exploring What Jesus Taught About Life
in the Beatitudes
Matthew 5:1-12
Rick Ferguson

Question: I want you to take just a moment and
answer the following question, filling in the blank.
(I am sure this is not the first time you have seen
this question.)

"Happiness is _______________________."

The one thing I believe all people share in common,
the one human quality that transcends all cultural and
ethnic distinctions is this . . .Everyone wants to be

The problem is that no one quite knows:
Where to find true happiness
How to get true happiness or
How to keep true happiness

Maybe I can ask another question of you; Are you a
happy person today?

I mean really happy. Do you have a deep, lasting,
sense of

Satisfaction and

That is not dependent on outside stimuli?

But your joy remains constant and sustains you even
when the surrounding conditions and circumstances of
your life are not all that pleasant or positive?

If down deep inside you are sensing, "There must be
something more to life than what I am experiencing. I
feel like I am missing something, and I won't really
be complete, whole, happy or content until I find

Then maybe, just maybe you have filled in the blank in
the above question with the wrong answer.
Maybe, just maybe, happiness, real happiness is not
what you have been thinking it is.

EX. I will never forget the interview I saw on a
news-show a few years ago. A young business executive
started by telling the interviewer, I have been lied
to. I was told go to college, get a good education,
enter the corporate world and get a good job, get
married, buy a house in the suburbs, have a couple of
children, buy new cars and you will be happy. Well
I've done all that, and I'm still not happy. I've
been lied to. None of these things have ...

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