Staying Positive Under Pressure Through Dependence Upon Devine Resources by Rick Ferguson

Philippians 4:19
As we look at the concluding verses of
Philippians, we once again see a mighty
demonstration of the grace of God in the
life of the Apostle Paul. Paul closes this
blessed letter in the same way he opened. it
--on a high, powerful, uplifting, positive,
encouraging note.

It is amazing to read this book and not
find one hint of complaining, self-pity,
discouragement or defeat--in spite of the
fact that Paul was in prison in Rome,
chained to a Roman guard, facing trial
before Nero, and likely facing government
execution by beheading.

If you had been in Paul's shoes would you
have been worried or discouraged? I
guarantee you that I would have been!

How did Paul maintain his courage and
joy? This book has given us scores of hints
on how Paul stayed positive--even when under

Tonight we will analyze one of the most
promising, powerful, positive verses in all
the Bible. It has brought comfort and
encouragement to men and women of faith for
centuries. You'll want to memorize this
verse, for it will bless your life time and
time again.

As we read Philippians 4:19, we'll
discover that Paul stayed positive under
pressure by depending upon divine resources.

Copyright c) 1995 by Dr. Rick E. Ferguson. All rights
reserved. No portion of this document may be used in
my form without the written permission of the author.
3ible quotations are from the New International Version
unless otherwise indicated.


TEXT--Philippians 4:19

This short, simple verse of Scripture
contains so much gold and goodness, so much
promise and power that I could not move on
and complete our study of this book without
giving close scrutiny and attention to it.

You will remember that the reason Paul
wrote this letter (which we know as the book
of Philippians) was because of a love
offering that the Christians at Philippi had
collected and sent ...

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