Staying Positive Under Pressure By Learning How To Share by Rick Ferguson

Rick Ferguson

Philippians 4:14-19

We've been studying the book of
Philippians in order to learn the secret to
the Apostle Paul's spiritual fortitude. He
was a mighty champion for Christ. The
Apostle Paul is unmatched in his spiritual
accomplishments in all Christian history.
The Holy Spirit used Paul to pen more than
half of the New Testament.

We see Paul's spiritual strength
displayed in a dramatic way in Philippians.
He wrote this book while in prison, chained
to a Roman guard. And yet (in spite of his
incarceration and destitution) he remains
positive, optimistic and upbeat. We see him
in prison rejoicing in Christ and
encouraging others to "give thanks in all

Tonight, rather than looking at Paul's
life for an example of positive Christian
living, I want us to look to the Philippian
Christians (the recipients of this letter)
as an example of positive Christian living.
For you see, it was a gift of money,
collected by the Philippians and sent to
Paul by Epaphroditus, that precipitated the
writing of this letter by the apostle.

Paul was writing a thank you note (a 4-
chapter thank you note) back to this
gracious, generous group of believers. He
closed the book by praising them for their
generosity and giving.

copyright e 1995 by Dr. Rick E. Ferguson. All rights
-reserved. No portion of this document may be used in
my form without the written permission of the author.
Bible quotations are from the New International Version
unless otherwise indicated.


I believe that the Philippians
demonstrate4d one of the great secrets to
positive, powerful, prosperous Christian
living when they shared their personal
resources with Paul.

Tonight we're going to see that giving
and sharing (generous sharing, liberal
sharing, unselfish sharing) is a powerful
part of positive living.
TEXT--Philippians 4:14-19

Without a doubt, the most difficult and
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