Staying Positive Under Pressure By Learning The Secret Of Inner Contentment by Rick Ferguson

By Learning the Secret of Inner Contentment
Rick Ferguson

Philippians 4:10-13

As we come once again to our study in
Philippians, we will discover the tremendous
power and grace of God as it is displayed in
the life of one of Christian history's
spiritual giants--the Apostle Paul. Even in
the closing words of this brief 4-chapter
letter, the apostle demonstrates a tremendous
ability to stay positive under pressure. We
are going to see that the Apostle Paul
possessed a tremendous calm,
spirit of tranquility,
'peace of mind,
abiding joy,
attitude of gratitude, and
optimistic, triumphant
anticipation--in spite of the
fact that he was a prisoner of the Roman

You'll remember that Paul wrote
Philippians from a Roman prison, as he
awaited trial before Nero (one of the most
vicious, cruel, inhumane emperors of the
Roman Empire). In spite of his obvious
calamities, the Apostle Pall never lost his

We're going to discover another secret to
the supernatural strength of the apostle. In
tonight's text we will see that he ha-d
discovered the secret to inner contentment.

Text--Philippians 4:10-13

Copyright C) 1995 by Dr. Rick E. Ferguson. All rights
reserved. No portion of this document may be used in
any form without the written permission of the author.
Bible quotations are from the New international Version
unless otherwise indicated.


I want you to give particular attention
to Verse 11. Paul makes a tremendous
statement in this verse that few Christians
would be able to make today in our world of
materialism. hedonism, leisure and creature

V: 11 Paul says ". . . I have learned, in whatever state I as, in this
to be content."

NOTE: The word "content" actually means contained. In the
philosophy of the stoics it was a word expressing self-

The word is the description of a tan whose resources for joy
and happiness are w ...

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