Staying Positive Under Pressure By Overcoming Your Worries by Rick Ferguson

Rick Ferguson

Philippians 4:4-5

I don't know about you, but the number one thief
of joy in my life is WORRY. I am a worrier by nature.
I worry about everything, and then I worry about worrying
so much.

How many of you have ever lain awake at night worrying
about a deadline,
a problem,
a conflict,
your business,
your job,
your family,
your health?
Worry can result in high blood pressure,
heart attack/stroke,
cancer, etc.
Worry does a lot of damage to all of us.

Most of us believe that we have a just cause for

Ex. An astronaut preparing for a launch into space
was asked how he felt. The astronaut replied,
"How would you feel knowing you were going
into space in an aircraft with over 140,000 parts
and they were all supplied by the lowest bidders?"

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Bible quotations are from the New International Version
unless otherwise indicated.

Pg. 2

Now I want you to know that if there was ever a person
who had something to worry about it was the Apostle
Paul. When he wrote the book of Philippians he was
(in prison in Rome;
chained to a Roman soldier;
cold, hungry, isolated and lonely;
awaiting trial before Nero (the neurotic, egomaniac who
thought he was god);
going to give a defense of his preaching and teaching
concerning the Lordship of Jesus.

I'm telling you--Paul really had a lot to worry about.
And yet, in this prison epistle there is not even one slight
hint of worry,
anxiety or

Paul was able to stay positive under pressure because
he had learned how to be victorious over worry.

Philipplans 4:4-5

Bro. Wilkins tells how his mother went to the doctor
for a check-up one day. Upon examination the doctor
detected tha ...

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