Staying Positive Under Pressure By Looking For Christ's Return by Rick Ferguson

Rick Ferguson

Philippians 3:20-21

We're studying the book of Philippians, in an attempt
to discover the secret of the Apostle Paul's spiritual strength.
He was a man who could stay happy and joyful--even when
he was cold, hungry and isolated in a Roman prison.

I think that we can learn a great deal from the book
of Philippians. We can learn some important spiritual

We learn from Philippians that Christians--yes, even
good Christians--are not exempt from problems, pain
and crisis. For you see, the book of Philippians was
written by Paul the apostle, who was in prison at
the time of the writing.

We learn from Philippians that Christians can face
problems and confront pain victoriously. For you
see, Paul was joyful and victorious, even though his
very life was being threatened by Roman execution.

I believe that one of the secrets to Paul's victorious
attitude, one of the things that made Paul mighty in spirit,
was that he lived every day looking for Jesus to come
again. The constant anticipation that Christ could appear
at literally any moment kept Paul going when others had
given up.

I believe that a Christian can stay positive--even
under pressure--when he is looking for Christ to come

TEXT--Philippians 3:20-21

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Pg. 2

When Paul wrote these words, Philippi was a Roman
colony. That is, as a mark of special favor, Roman citizenship
had been granted to all the free-born citizens of the former
Macedonian capital. %This was considered a great privilege.
It enabled each Philippian, though dwelling in Macedonia,
to say proudly, "My citizenship is in Rome., His
responsibilities were directly to t ...

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