Staying Positive Under Pressure By Developing A Discerning Spirit by Rick Ferguson

Rick Ferguson

Philippians 3:17-19

If you are going to stay positive under pressure, if
you are going to stay happy when the heat is on, you must
develop a spirit of discernment, If you desire to be victorious
in your Christian living, it is absolutely essential to develop
a spirit of discernment.

Without a spirit of discernment you are going to
misjudge circumstances,
miscalculate opportunities and
misjudge people.

Without spiritual discernment you will make wrong decisions,
Ago wrong directions.

But the most dangerous thing about lacking spiritual
discernment is that you will not detect false teachers,
not detect false prophets,
not detect false doctrines.

Let me tell you--millions and millions of people today
are being deceived by false teachers,
false preachers,
false prophets,
false doctrine.

This is why so many millions of people are linking up with
Mormons and Jehova's Witnesses. This is why Jimmy
and Tammy Faye Bakker built such an enormous following.

These false teachers are often sly, seductive and
subtle; but a person of spiritual discernment is able to
pick up on their error.

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Bible quotations are from the New International Version
unless otherwise indicated.

Pg. 2

Ex. When a flashy, razzle-dazzle, sparkling preacher
comes on TV and sounds so good yet he's teaching
false doctrine or living a life of greed and immorality,
a person of spiritual discernment will have an
alarm go off inside--a caution light will begin
to flash.

You may not be able to put your finger on the
exact problem, but something inside of you discerns
that there is a problem or error in what this
person is or is doing.
Tonight Paul is going to teach us how to discern false
prophets and false te ...

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