Staying Positive Under Pressure By Abandoning All Confidence In The Flesh by Rick Ferguson

Philippians 3:1-3
Dr. Rick Ferguson

I've been telling you- that the book of Philippians
is a very positive, triumphant, optimistic book. It is filled
with thoughts of praise and thanksgiving; it is filled with
commands to be triumphant and victorious in our perspective
on life.

A good example of the positive tone of this wonderful
book is found in the first three verses of Chapter 3. Twice
in three short verses Paul exhorts the people of Philippi
to "rejoice in the Lord." (v. 1 and 3)

The thing that makes all of this so very phenomenal
is the fact that Paul, the author was in prison at Rome
when he wrote this book. He was awaiting trial before
Nero. He was charged with propagating a religion that
was unacceptable to the Roman Empire and being a conspirator
against the empire. -These were very serious charges--punishable
by death. He was in this situation simply because he
was a Christian and an aggressive soul winner.

I think it is important to notice that even though
Paul was destitute he was not despondent.
How did he stay positive even in the face of defeat,
imprisonment, poverty and ultimately death by execution?
Well I think this whole book gives us an inside view of
the mindset of Paul; it reveals the secret of his abiding
joy and happiness.

Pg. 2

I believe that one of the important keys to Paul's
victorious life is found in Verses 1-3 of Chapter 3, where
we discover h had abandoned all confidence in the flesh.
Let's take a look at what it means to abandon confidence
in the flesh.

TEXT--Philippians 3:1-3

There two ways to live life:

A person can live life in the power and strength of his
own flesh. Paul calls this "circumcision of the flesh."
One can live in dependence upon his or her own resources
and energies.
The problem with this way of living is our human
resources and energies are so very limited.
There is only so much we ...

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