Staying Positive Under Pressure By Holding Forth The Word Of Life by Rick Ferguson

Rick E. Ferguson

Philippians 2:14-16

We are studying the book of Philippians, in order
to discover the key to the apostle Paul's tremendously
victorious, triumphant, optomistic spirit. Paul was in
dire straights when he wrote Philippians. You will remember
that he was in prison at Rome, awaiting trial before
Nero. He was in prison for being a Christian--a very
vocal, confrontational Christian. He was in prison for
preaching and witnessing. He was in prison because he
was a relentless personal soul winner.

Everywhere Paul went he talked about Jesus. He
would go into a new town and begin preaching Jesus.
He would attend services at a Jewish synagogue and ask
permission to speak there. He would stand and preach

Everywhere Paul went there was turmoil. His soul-win
efforts and preaching often got him beat up, thrown in
flail, or run out of town. On more than one occassion
his soul-winning efforts started a riot!

I think it is good for us to see that no matter how
the people responded, Paul kept on proclaiming Christ.
You see, Paul knew he was to share Christ in the power
of the Holy Spirit and leave the results up to God. Our
Monday night visitation teams need to be reminded of

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In spite of the fact that Paul had done nothing to
deserve the punishment 'he was receiving; in spite of
the fact that he was living in horrible conditions in spite
of the fact that his enemies were saying--he's finished
now, he's all washed up; in spite of all this--Paul was
happy and victorious.

I believe that one of the sources of his joy and happiness
was his obedience to Christ, as a faithful witness and
soul winner. T ...

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