Staying Positive Under Pressure Through Humility by Rick Ferguson

Philippians 2:3-4
Dr. Rick Ferguson

Tonight we are going to learn an important, valuable
lesson in staying positive under pressure. This may be
one of the most practical, pragmatic, profitable studies
of the entire book of Philippians. We are going to see
how humility can be a key to staying positive under pressure.

You'll remember that the book of Philippians was
written by Paul while he was in prison at Rome.' At the
time of the writing of this book everyone but Paul seemed
to be convinced that Paul was on the last leg of his journey.
From an earthly, human perspective there' was every reason
to believe that Paul would soon be executed under the
Roman sword. From an earthly, human perspective things
had gone from bad to worse for Paul, and the future looked

However, Paul (in spite of his curcumstances) was
able to pen one of the most powerful, positive praise books
of all the Bible.

How did Paul stay positive even when he had problems?
He did it, in part, by developing an unassuming, meek,
servant-like, humble spirit. Christian humility will go
a long way in helping us stay positive in the face of problems.

TEXT--Philippians 2:3-4

A lot of Christians lose their testimony to the lost
world around them through their attitude. Too many professing
Christians are defeated, whining, complaining, critical

Pg. 2

Listen Christian, what do you tell the lost people
around you when you walk around defeated, discouraged
and angry at the world? You tell them
and Christ is no longer on His throne,
(2) God is not really sovereign,
(3) The Lord is out of control,
(4) The Holy Spirit in you does not make any difference.
you tell them there is nothing to this being a Christian!

Some of you are by nature pessimists.
Some of you by nature are worriers.
some of you by nature are defeatists.
Some of you by nature are critics.
But I'm telling you that ...

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