Staying Positive Under Pressure Through Christian Unity And Love by Rick Ferguson


Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

Philippians 2:1-2

Tonight we come to Chapter 2 of this wonderful book
of Philippians. Philippians was written by Paul, during
a time of tremendous stress and pressure in his life. Paul
was in prison, awaiting trial before Nero the Roman emperor.

Paul had been illegally arrested in Jerusalem (where
a mob nearly beat him to death), shipped to Caesarea to stand
trail before Felix, shipped to Rome from Caesarea and
on the way he was shipwrecked. Now he is finally in Rome as a
political prisoner of the empire.

Most preachers would have long since thrown up their
hands in disgust and discouragement; but Paul was experiencing
one of the spiritual peaks of his life. How could he stay
so strong when everything (humanly speaking) was going
so wrong?

One of the keys to Paul's strength is found in the
first two verses of Chapter 2, where Paul appeals to
the Philippian Christians to love each other. One of Paul's
keys to victory was his tremendous spirit of love and Christian
unity. His love for people sustained him through moments
of adversity. People's love for him supported him through
moments of adversity.

If you want to stay positive under pressure, learn
to practice Christian love and unity.

TEXT-Philippians 2:1-2

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Version unless otherwise indicated.

One of the thieves that robs folks of real Christian
joy and victory is selfishness. A self-centered person
(who is always looking out for his or her own best interest)
is usually a miserable person. The fellow that says--I
don't care about anyone except good ole #1 is usually
a miserable man.

The Word of God would have us to know that genuine
Christian love and Chr ...

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