Staying Positive Under Pressure By Confronting Adversaties In Faith by Rick Ferguson


By: Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

Philippians 1-25-30

Tonight we come to the final verses of Chapter 1
of Phi1ippians. We've already learned that Philippians
is a prison epistle, written by the Apostle Paul. That
is, he wrote Philippians while a prisoner in Rome,
chained to a Roman guard, awaiting trial before the Emperor Nero.

Paul had been illegally arrested in Jerusalem,
(saved from a hanging mob by night at Jerusalem,
taken to Caesarea to stand trial before the
governor Felix, held for 2 years in prison at Caesarea,
shipped to Rome to stand trial before Nero
(which was his right as a Roman citizen),
shipwrecked on the way to Rome and landed
on the island of Miletus, bitten by a poisonous
snake there but miraculously healed by God,
finally arriving at Rome he was being held as
a prisoner here fore more than 2 years
awaiting trial.

I want you to know that Paul had done nothing to
deserve this (other than preach Jesus) and
was not paying for some crime against society or sin
against God.

NOTE: This seems to me to be proof that bad things
Sometimes do happen to good people.

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quotations are from the New International
Version unless otherwise indicated.

In spite of all these events, the Apostle Paul was
very encouraged and uplifted with his situation. How
did he stay so positive under such adverse circumstances?

Tonight we'll see that Paul stayed positive under
pressure by confronting his flies in faith.

TEXT--Philippians 1:25-30

I think you should know that the Christian life is
not a playground but a battlefield. We are faced with'
many formidable adversaries: Satan is our ultimate enemy,
the flesh is an enemy, the world is an enemy.

We, might as well realize that ...

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