Saved Once.....secured Forever by Rick Ferguson



When I was 7 years old I sat in a Friday night
revival service at the Lebanon Baptist Church. My
father was directing the revival music and Clyde
Spurgin was preaching. During the invitation that
evening, God began to convict me. I left my-seat
where I had been sitting alone and walked to the front
of the church. My father came and sat beside me
and he told me if I wanted Christ to save me all I
had to do was to pray and ask God to save me. So I
bowed my head and prayed four short, sincere words,
"God please save me."

My dad said again, "Son, just ask God to save you."
So I prayed it again, "God, please save me .
And He did!

I did not know a lot of theology.
(Ex. Supralapserianism)
I did not know what it meant to join a church.
I did not know the books of the Bible.
I did not know much about baptism or the Lords

All I knew is I wanted to be saved.
When I became a teenager, I began to live in sin
and do things I knew were unchristian. I was
miserable - but I acted like I was having a good
time so my friends would think I was cool.

But, I would go to bed at night and be overwhelmed
with guilt.

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I began to wonder whether or not I was really
saved. I began to doubt my salvation. I suppose
I prayed hundreds of time, "Oh God, if I am not
saved, please forgive me of my sins and save me
right now."

Every night the same confused prayer came from
my lips.

I have learned a few things since those days of
doubt and discouragement: I have come to-believe
God saved me the, very first time I asked Him to
save me and I have been secure ever since . . .

I want us to take one of the final ...

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