Staying Positive Under Pressure Through The Knowledge Of Jesus Christ by Rick Ferguson

Rick Ferguson

Philippians 3:7-9
How good are you at keeping your chin up when the
chips are down?

How good are you at staying happy when the circumstances
of your life are depressing?

How good are you at being optimistic in a pessimistic

How good are you at thinking victorious, praise thoughts
when the world is crashing in around you?

Let me ask you something--if your family and/or
your work associates were asked to give an honest evaluation
of your life, would they say you are:
an optimist or a pessimist?
a happy person or an unhappy person?
a loving, kind person or a bitter person?
a cooperative person or a complaining person?
a grateful person or a grumbling person?

I'm telling you, folks, as long as Jesus is on the throne
Christians have every reason in the world to be optimistic.
For as long as Jesus is on the throne we can never, ever
lose in any situation.

A Christian is to be positive and joyful at all times--even
in the midst of a crisis. This doesn't mean we won't cry
or hurt at times; it simply means that even in our times
of weeping there is a deep abiding conviction that the
Lord Jesus is still in control and working all things for
good to them who love him and are the called according
to His purposes.

Copyright - 1995 by Dr. Rick E. Ferguson.
All rights reserved. No portion of this
document may be used in any form without
the written permission of the author. Bible
quotations are from the New International
Version unless otherwise indicated.

Pg. 2
A Christian is to be able to give thanks in all things.
A Christian is to be able to praise the Lord at all times.

Did you hear about the country parson who decided
to buy himself a horse,? The dealer assured him that
the one he selected was a perfect choice. "This
here horse," he said, "has lived all his life in a religious
atmosphere. So remember that he'll ...

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