The Blessing Withheld (3 of 3) by Rick Ferguson

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Dr. Rick E. Ferguson
Genesis 49:1-2, 28

Raising kids is a tough, tough job these days; and it
is not getting any easier. For most of us, raising
kids is a trial-and-error task. Sometimes we make
right decisions and sometimes wrong decisions.

Unfortunately, there is little training or preparatory
schooling available for becoming a mother or father.

Ex. One father said "The thing is, there is no
training to be a father. In high school they teach you
to find the square root of pi, but they don't teach
you how to find the key to the bathroom when your wife
is at the store and your 3-year old is locked inside
with the water running... under the door, or how to
retrieve a tonka truck from a toilet drain, or how to
put pampers on so they won't leak, etc."

Well, most fathers can figure out how to handle these
types of aggravating obstacles. It is the more
essential factors of parenting that some of us never
How to teach children self-respect,
how to instill healthy self-esteem,
how to instill truly godly values,
how to instill a genuine love for God,
how to keep your children interested in
spiritual treasures,
how to raise a children who remain committed to
how to guard children from immorality,
how to give children self-confidence,
how to build a hunger and thirst for
righteousness in children.

There are no easy solutions to these critical issues.
No one else can be paid to do what the parent must do.
It is entirely up to the parent. Quite a job, isn't

There is help and direction available for raising
positive kids in a negative world. The very best
resource you have as a parent is the Word of God. We
have been reading in Genesis 48 where Jacob passed on
the "blessing" to his son Joseph. Today, in Genesis
49, we will read where Jacob blessed all of his sons.

You will remembe ...

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