Understanding The Parental Blessing (1 of 3) by Rick Ferguson

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Dr. Rick E. Ferguson
Genesis 48:1-9

How many parents or grandparents do we have here
today? How many of you have discovered that being a
parent, raising children, is a tough job? We want to
do our best, but sometimes even our best doesn't seem
good enough. Sometimes you want to hug their little
necks --and other times you want to wring their little

Ex. Someone has said “Children... whenever they are
not being a lump in the throat they are being a pain
in the neck!"

One thing every parent in this room shares in common
is a desire to raise godly children who have a healthy
self image, love the Lord, and are productive
citizens. But all of us know there are a lot of
factors working against us today.

I want to begin a series of messages today on "How To
Raise Positive Kids in a Negative World." I hope these
messages will be a blessing and help to you--at
whatever stage you may be as a parent or even

We want to go to the Word of God and begin our study
in the concluding chapters of the book of Genesis.

The Bible is a wonderful “how to" book for raising
children. It gives specific exhortations and some
splendid examples of men and women who raised positive
kids in a negative world. Today we want to look at the
example of Jacob. He was a father and grandfather who,
at 147 years of age, demonstrated an ideal model of
parenting and grandparenting. Let's read together how
Jacob bestowed the blessing to his sons and grandsons.

TEXT--Genesis 48:1-9

How do you raise positive kids in a negative world?
It's quite a job, isn't it? There is not a parent here
who isn't concerned about what their children will
become. And the truth is that most children are
equally concerned about what their parents are

The other evening Brett, Katie, Justin, and I were
talking about what th ...

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