How To Face Change And Feel Content by Rick Ferguson

Dr. Rick E. Ferguson
Genesis 46:1-7

How would you feel if tomorrow morning your boss
handed you a notice that your job was being
transferred and (if you wanted to keep your job,
benefits and pensions funds) you would have to
relocate in one month? That would be pretty traumatic
for most of us. The fact is, that kind of change is
difficult for most of us to experience.

How would you retired folks like to be told that you
can't live where you are living any longer, that you
have to pack your belongings and leave the country,
move to Mexico and live the rest of your lives there?
It would be pretty traumatic, wouldn't it? You would
have to say good-bye to your home, your neighbors,
your church, and your friends at the Senior Citizen
Center. You would lose your National check-cashing
card, your A.A.R.P. discount card, and your pre-paid
funeral plan. It would be horrible.

And yet that is exactly what happened to a very
important senior citizen in the Bible. In Genesis 46,
Jacob was 130 years old. He had long been retired,
living off the benefits of his Social Security, his
company pension, and a few IRA's he had purchased,
when he had to pack up his bags and literally leave
the country. He had to go to Egypt, a foreign country,
to live the remaining years of his life.

And yet Jacob was able to make that kind of major
change with an aura of peace and joy about him that is
hard to comprehend.

Find Genesis 46, and let's read of this traumatic
event in Jacob's family. Let's see if we can discover
his secret for facing change and feeling content

TEXT--Genesis 46:1-8

We humans do not take very well to change. Most- of us
are congenitally allergic to change. By nature we like
for things to continue as they are.

Ex. At a college reunion, 30 years after graduation,
one man said to another, "See that fellow over there?
Well--he's gotten so bald and so fat he di ...

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