Obedience In The Midst Of Opposition by Rick Ferguson

Genesis 37:1-27
Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

As most of you know, I was raised about 20 miles
from here in a rural community called Rush Tower. Our
home was adjacent to my grandparent's farm. My
grandparents have now stopped farming and a section of
their farm has been sold. A big portion of their farm
was bought by a man who runs an obedience school!

As soon as I learned there was an obedience
school on the old farm I called to see if I could
enroll my three kids. To my demise I found out it was
an obedience school for dogs--not kids. They wouldn't
take my kids--even though I offered double tuition!

Most of you can tell that my kids have not gone
to obedience school! But don't laugh because most of
us can tell that your kids haven't gone to obedience
school either!

Obedience--we all know how important it is in
the life of a child we are trying to raise. Let me
tell you that there is absolutely nothing more
important in your relationship with God than this one

In fact, if you want me to give you an easy
formula for success, security and strength in the
Christian life it would be this-"trust and obey."

We sing a wonderful hymn that expresses this

"Trust and Obey
For there's no other way
To be happy in Jesus
But to trust and obey."

In order to obey God you must trust God; and if
you really trust God you will obey God.

Joseph is one of the most important characters
in all the Old Testament. Thirteen chapters of the
Bible are devoted entirely to his life. He is a
beautiful Old Testament type or picture of the Lord
Jesus Christ. As we are introduced to him in
Genesis 37, one of the characteristics of his life
that immediately captures our attention is that he was
obedient. He was always obedient. He had a true
servant's spirit and, because of this, he was obedient
even in the presence of opposition.

TEXT--Genesis 37:1-36

1. Wherever yo ...

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