The Making Of A Man Of God by Rick Ferguson

Genesis 30:26-31:16
Rick Ferguson

Michelangelo, the great sculptor, artist, and inventor, was
working on a huge granite block from which he intended to
sculpt the figure of Moses holding up the ten commandments.
He had finished part of the work such that Moses' face,
arms, and hands, along with the tablets of stone, were
exposed. A child wandered curiously into the studio one day
and was awe stricken by the half-completed statue. The huge
block of granite seemed to be coming to life before his
very eyes. He looked at Michelangelo and said: "Isn't that
Moses with the Ten Commandments?" "Yes, it is," said
Michelangelo. "Well," the lad replied, 'how did you know he
was inside there?"

They eyes of the skilled, master artist was indeed able to
see something in a block of granite that no one else could
see. And by the long, tedious, hard work of hammering and
chiseling, the artist was able to bring a Moses out of a

Let me tell you that God is able to see in you what no one
else can see. It is His goal to mold you into the image of
His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. What God is trying to do in
your life and mine is to mold and shape us so that when
others look at us they see Jesus Christ.

How does God do it? Sometimes He has to hammer away at our
lives and chisel off the rough edges. This is almost always
a painful experience. But as God slowly hammers and
chisels, away at us, in time we Login to see a new image
that resembles the beautiful Lord Jesus Christ taking shape
in our lives.

When we left Jacob last week he was in the studio of God
which happened to the house of Laban. In the house of Laban
God was masterfully hammering away at Jacob's life and
trying to shape him up. He had some very sharp tools for
the Job. Laban (the scheming, greedy, deceitful father-in-
law of Jacob) was God's primary tool. Laban was the hammer
and chisel God used to chip away the rough ...

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