What Is The Value Of Your Soul? by Rick Ferguson

Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

Genesis 25:19-34

Our study in the book of Genesis brings us to
one of the most familiar and yet most tragic stories
in all the Bible. Today we will read the story of the
births of Jacob and Esau. Genesis, you'll remember,
is the book of beginnings; and today we will read the
first record in the Bible of twins being born.

We will read not only of Jacob and Esau's timely
births but also of their tragic blunder; for the same
passage of Scripture records the incident in which
Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of
pottage. In essence, Esau sold his soul for a bowl of
soup. It was a foolish, shortsighted, thoughtless
mistake that be would forever regret.

We need to read this passage of Scripture
carefully; for there are many people today who, like
Esau are literally selling their souls for nothing
more than a bowl of soup. While Esau sold his soul
for pottage, many today are selling their souls for
power, prestige, prosperity, popularity and pride.

Today, as we read this Old Testament story, will
you ask yourself--

What value have I placed on eternal issues?

What value have I placed on spiritual things?

What value have I placed on my soul?

TEXT--Genesis 25:19-34

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quotations are from the New International
Version unless otherwise indicated.

In February 1986, at a gem-and-mineral bazaar in Tucson,
Arizona, an amateur rock hound sold an egg-sized, violet-and-blue
stone to Texas gemologist Roy Whetstine for $10--the original
asking price was $15, but Whetstine talked him down.

After months of rigorous appraisal, Whetstine made an
announcement about his $10 rock: it was a 1,905-carat star
sapphire with an estimated, uncut value of $2.28 million. His
good fortune was not just good luck. H ...

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