Laying A Foundation For Marriage by Rick Ferguson

Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

Genesis 24:1-8

Our study of the book of Genesis brings us today
to one of the great love stories in all the
Bible--the story of Isaac and Rebekah. I believe
that you will enjoy this beautiful love story we
will read today.

Let me share with you that the Bible is a book
that can capture the attention of people with
all kinds of various interests. For instance,
if your interests are in--

(1) Science--the Bible teaches of the origins
of the universe and all living organisms.

(2) Anthropology--the Bible speaks to the
creation, fall and re-creation of man.

(3) Psychology--the Bible tells you how to
have the "mind of Christ."

(4) War stories--the Bible describes in vivid
detail the war of all wars (World War
III), the Battle of Armageddon.

(5) History--the Bible gives an accurate
account of the rise and fall of all the
great empires throughout all human

(6) Theology--the Bible is God's inspired,
written revelation and it tells all we
need to know about the living Lord God of
heaven and earth.

(7) Romantic, love novels--the Bible is filled
with some beautiful, romantic stories of
real people.

Ex. Abraham and Sarah,
Isaac and Rebekah,
Jacob and Rachael,
Hosea and Gomer,
Solomon and his Shulamite bride (Song of
Joseph and Mary,
Jesus and His bride--the church.

Copyright © 1995 by Dr. Rick E. Ferguson.
All rights reserved. No portion of this
document may be used in any form without
the written permission of the author. Bible
quotations are from the New International
Version unless otherwise indicated.

If you like romantic love stories, please don't
go to the bookstore or drugstore to buy the
filthy, perverted garbage sold as love novels.
Open the Bible and read the sweetest, most
exciting love stories ever written!

Today I want to study one of these romantic love
stories so we mig ...

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