Obedience - The Key To Christian Victory by Rick Ferguson

Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

Introduction: (Sermon Follows)
As I study God's Word, I find that the number
one key to being blessed by God is obedience.
There are many voices in the world that are
telling you what God wants you to do.

Ex. Pray,
Send money to this ministry or that,
volunteer your time to serve humanity,
Join a church.

But I'm telling you that the thing God wants you
to do is to obey--obey, obey Him.

Ex. Obedience: In the Old Testament the word
for obedience means to "hear and do." This
truth was illustrated by the missionary
who had been unable to find an accurate
word for "obey," in the native tongue of
his villagers. This had proved very
frustrating for much of the Bible's
teaching hinges on the understanding of
obedience. One day a native was visiting
the missionary's hut when the missionary
called his faithful watch dog in for its
evening meal. He cried out only once, and
the- dog could be seen running briskly
across the field toward home. At just this
moment the villager said in his native
tongue, "Your dog is all ears." The
missionary knew that his worries were
over; the phrase was just the terminology
for which he had sought. Any Christian who
is "all ears," has learned the meaning of

Today I want us to study once again the life of
one of the most obedient men who ever lived--


Genesis 22:1-17

The beginning of a new year always causes us to
stop and (at least momentarily) contemplate
where we have come from and where we are going.
This has been true for me, not only in my
personal life but also in the life of my church.

As I think back to where we have come from over
the last years, I praise God for the wonderful
things He has accomplished here.

(1) There have been a lot of changes around
this place.

Ex. I talked to an evangelist ...

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