Displaying God's Grace In Our Walk by Rick Ferguson


Ephesians 5:1-6

Chapter 5 of Ephesians deals intimately with the
practical side of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Every
area of the believer's life is to be a display of the grace
of God.

Ex. When you visit a car dealership, you will first
see their display room where they show their finest

When you visit a department store, you see display
windows where they advertise their merchandise.
When you look for furniture. you visit the display
room of furniture stores where all their furniture is

As Christians, we are God’s display case. In
every area of our lives, in everything we do, we should
be a showcase or a display of God's marvelous grace.

In Chapter 5 Paul is going to teach us "how to"
display God's grace in several facets of our lives. We
will learn how to display God's grace in our walk (v. 1-6),
separateness (v. 7-17),
the inner life (v. 18-21),
the home (v. 22-33).

In all these various portions of our lives we, as Christians,
should long to display God's glorious grace. Just as
2 store or business displays their product, we are God's
showroom where He displays to the world the product
of His grace.

TEXT--Ephesians 5:1-6

What kind of display of God's grace are you? Ex.
If you went to buy a new car and in the dealer's display
room were old worn out, dirty, beat up, rusted cars,
would you want to buy from that dealer?

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Version unless otherwise indicated.

Pg. 2

If you went to a furniture store and, in their display
room, you saw only old, ragged, broken down, soiled,
worn out furniture, Would you want to buy from them?

If you went to a department store for a new suit
of clothing and, in their display windows were old, delapidated
mani ...

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