Growing In Christian Discipleship by Rick Ferguson


Ephesians 3:13-21

Most of us gathered here this evening have come
because we desire to be better disciples of Christ.
We want to grow and mature spiritually. None of us
are at a point where we can say we have reached
full spiritual maturity - we have arrived. We all
need to be in a continual state of growth. In spite
of our age or education or position in the church,
we all need to be growing.

Let me ask you, are you growing as a Christian?
Are you, day by day, experiencing new dimensions in
Christian living? Do you feel like you're l0 moment
by moment becoming a little more like Christ? Can
you honestly say that you are regularly gaining new
spiritual insights?

Even though all of us wish to grow, we may, in
fact, not be growing like we ought. Christian growth
does not happen by accident. Developing as a disciple
of Jesus requires several things:

(1) Decision - we must decide we are going to

(2) Determination - we must be relentless in
our pursuit of spiritual maturity.

(3) Discipline - we must be very disciplined
in obeying that which we already understand to be
God's will.

(4) Dependence - we must depend upon God absolutely
to develop our spiritual character.
Tonight we will learn something from the imprisoned
apostle Paul about becoming a mature Christian disciple.

TEXT - Ephesians 3:13-21

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Version unless otherwise indicated.

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There are many factors involved in spiritual
growth. I believe we see five important factors
that were a part of the apostle Paul's life which
facilitated his own spiritual development and
which facilitated the development of others around

The five influencing factors are as follows:


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