God's Wonderful Plan For Salvation by Rick Ferguson

Ephesians 2:8-13
Dr. Rick Ferguson

Many people in our day seem to have their own
personal opinion concerning the way a man gets
saved. I've talked to literally scores of people
who have thought on the subject of heaven and how
one gets there and have developed their own ste y
for getting to heaven.

Ex. Pickney Cole recently asked me if I agreed
with Jerry Falwell that there is only one way
to heaven. He said, "I can't believe Jews
and others who don't prescribe to his way are
going to go to hell."

Ex. Bob Lee said, "I believe a man has to do
the best he can, try to get along with God and
when our-time comes I believe He will accept us."

Ex. I had a Catholic lady at a funeral once
tell me, "It doesn't matter what we believe as
long as we are sincere and genuinely believe it."

Ex. Another person once told me, "After all,
we are all working to go to the same place, we're
just taking different routes to get there."

All of these are good, rational opinions on how
to get to heaven. However, I submit to you that
there is only one opinion on how to get to heaven
that is viable and trustworthy and that is God's

It matters little what I say, or anyone else
says, about the way to be saved. What matters is
what God says about getting to heaven. You may
have your own believe (as many have told me) about
how to get to heaven, but I submit to you that your
own beliefs are worthless if they disagree with
what God says.

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I think we must agree on the following
prerequisite principles:

1. There is a heaven and bell and people can
go to either place.

2. God desires that no one go to hell but
that at everyone go to heaven (II Peter 3:9).

3.God has, therefore, devised a plan, a
prescribed way, whereby anyone who wishes to
may go to heaven.

4. If we try any other way outside of God's
prescribed way to heaven, we will not get to
heaven - inspite of our sincerity or good

Ex. I recently had two pastor friends who
left Bonne Terre to Ro to a meeting in Columbia,
Missouri. As they drove up Highway 270 they
thought they should take Highway 44 West to get
to Columbia. They were very sincere, good
men. They laughed and enjoyed fellowship for
nearly three hours, driving down Highway 44.
When they reached Lebanon, Missouri, they thought
they should have come to Columbia by now so
they looked on a map and discovered they should
have taken Highway 40 rather than 44 to get to
Columbia. They were several hundred miles
from Columbia. Despite their sincerity and
good intentions they had gone the wrong way
and were surprised at their destination.

Many are like that about heaven. The are sincere
about their direction but they are going the wrong

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God has a wonderful plan of salvation. There
is no reason why anyone should want to try any other
route. Our text tonight gives us God's wonderful
plan of salvatio ...

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