Jesus Is the Exalted Lord by Rick Ferguson

Jesus Is the Exalted Lord
Rick Ferguson
Ephesians 1:20-23

I have preached on many passages of scripture;
each verse of God's word contains great truths, marvelous
themes, majestic thoughts and powerful promises. I
always, always feel limited and inadequate in trying
to exegite and expound on God's word. We come tonight,
however, to a passage which causes me to sense my
inadequacies more acutely than anything else upon
which I preach. Tonight's text is going to discuss
the exaltation of Christ.

I must confess to you right up front that I am
infinitely limited in being able to describe the
exaltation of Jesus. To try to adequately describe the
exaltation of Christ with my mind and limited language
is like walking to the shoreline of the grand Pacific
Ocean with a coffee cup and hoping to dip it dry.

I come to these 3 verses of scripture tonight
which contain an ocean of glorious truth with my coffee
cup of exegetical, hermeneutical and homiletical
resources to try to preach on the theme "Jesus is the
Exalted Lord."

I join the apostle Paul in his intercessory prayer
for the church which begins in verse 17 and pray that
this church and this pastor might discover:

I. Divine enlightenment (v. 17-18).

II. Divine empowerment (v. 19).

III. Divine exaltation (v. 20-21).
Join me in verse 17 as we read the text for this
evenings message in the context of Paul's great prayer.

TEXT - Ephesians 17-23 (text v. 20-23)

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document may be used in any form without
the written permission of the author. Bible
quotations are from the New International
Version unless otherwise indicated.

Pg. 2

Jesus is the exalted Lord.

Ph. 2:9 says "God also hath highly exalted him, and
given him a name which is above every

Nothing I can possible say will even come close
to describing the majesty,
glory and
strength which has been ascribed
to Jesus Christ.

We learned in our WIN School recently that the
Bible goes to extreme lengths to impress upon us the
Lordship of Jesus Christ. His Lordship is spoken of
more often than His Saviour hood.

The word Saviour is used in the Bible 24 times.
The word Lord is used in the Bible 644 times.
The Bible's emphasis is upon His Lordship - His

I want this one thing to be implanted in your
hearts and minds when you leave here tonight -

You may not have recognized Him yet as Lord or
confessed Him as Lord nor surrendered to Him as Lord
but HE IS STILL LORD. Jesus is the exalted Christ.
He is exalted, according to our text, over

I. The cross,

II. Creation, and

III. The church.

Pg. 3


v. 19-20 Paul wants us to discover 1the exceeding
greatness of his power toward us who believe,
according to the working of his mighty power
(20) which ...

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