Living Stones In A Spiritual House (3 Of 3) by Rick Ferguson

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1 Peter 2:4-10

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QUESTION: Are you thankful to be a part of the
church of the Lord Jesus Christ?

I don’t know about you, but I am thankful that when Christ came to
earth He established His church, and gave us:
? a place to belong and be nurtured and fed and discipled
? a place to find fellowship and friendship with other believers
? a place to be taught and to encouraged

I am thankful that when you get saved, God does not say, “OK, you are
on your own now. Go out there and do the best you can to survive in a
world that is anti-Christ and anti-Christian.” I am thankful that God
placed me in a church where I can be strengthened and encouraged and
matured in Christ, in the fellowship of other believers.

I am eternally thankful that my parents raised me in church. I am
thankful that they MADE me go to church. (The also made me take
baths, and go to school, and do my homework, and take piano lessons
etc.,) I am so glad that my Mom and Dad made the church a central
part of our lives as a family. Church was not just a peripheral part of
our lives....Our lives revolved around Jesus Christ and His church.

I am thankful for what the church has meant in my married life.
Everywhere we have lived, we have been a part of a wonderful church
where we met friends that were godly friends who helped to shape our
marriage and helped Kathy and I grow and mature in our relationship
with one another. I am thankful for the Pastors and teachers God put
into our lives who faithfully taught us how to live God’s way, and how
to be a godly husband and a godly wife.

I am thankful for how the church has helped me ...

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