Men Behaving...godly (7 Of 7) by Rick Ferguson

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(Psalm 112)

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INTRODUCTION: Most of us have been exposed to the television’s
portrayal of MEN BEHAVING BADLY. But I wonder how many of us
have been exposed to the Bible’s portrayal of MEN BEHAVING

Would you agree with me that what the world needs today is not more
men behaving Badly... What the world really needs today is more men
behaving Godly.

That is exactly what I want to talk to you about today:

Proverbs 20:6 asks a very sobering question...“But a faithful man- who can

If ever there was a day when our world needed “Faithful Men”... Today
is the day!

Today’s message is a message directed specifically toward our men. I
am sorry to exclude you ladies today, but I figured none of you would
mind if I spent one Sunday morning trying to help your husband,
boyfriend, father, brother, or son to “shape up!”

NOTE: Now I may need your help today ladies as I try to work on your
husbands a little. You may have to take notes for them. Most of them can’t
take notes or won’t take notes, so you may have to do it for them.

Listen Men...The men of America need a “wake-up call.” Our
world needs us today, more than ever. Our world needs us to be
godly men.
? Your wives need you to be a godly man...
? Your children need you to be a godly man...
? Your church needs you to be a godly man...
? Your business needs you to be a godly man...
? Your community and your nation needs you to be a godly man...
What the world really needs today are some “MEN

That is why I felt so compelled to spend the last message in this family
ser ...

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