Keeping The Romance Alive For A Lifetime (PART 6 Of 7) by Rick Ferguson

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(Gen. 2:24; Prov. 5:18-19; Eccl. 9:9; Mt. 5:32; Mk. 10:9;
Rom. 7:2; I Cor. 7:10-11)

Copyright © 1997 by Dr. Rick E. Ferguson. All rights reserved. No portion of
this document may be used in any form without the written permission of the
author. Bible quotations are from the New International Version unless otherwise

INTRODUCTION: Chuck Swindoll tells of a sign that hung in a
Hollywood jewelry store for several months. The sign read, “WE
(Strike The Original Match, Chuck Swindoll, Multnomah Press,
Portland Oregon?1980)
I am afraid that sign is indicative of the way modern America looks at
the institution of marriage today. In our “throw-away” culture of
disposable commodities we treat marriage like we treat a disposable
razor...When our marriage gets a little dull, we trash it and go looking
for something more exciting and more comfortable.
Today we are honoring some very important and admirable people.
Today we are honoring those faithful men and women who have made
a marriage last for 50 years or more. I am assuming that most of these
people who have been married for 50 years are more going to make it
all the way to the end.
Isn’t it a shame that our culture does not do more to honor and exploit
these wonderful people who get married and stay married an entire

EX. Wouldn’t it be nice if we saw one of our ladies who has been married
to the same man for more than 50 years on television selling a product line
of perfume, rather than Elizabeth Taylor who has been married to nearly a
dozen men, and somehow became disenchanted with each one. Now she is
infatuated with Michael Jackson, (Maybe she is infatuated with Michael
because she does not know for sure what he is. No one knows for sure
whether Michael is male or female...Michael is kind of an “it”)
These ...

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