Molding Children Into Christian Champions RELEASING The Arrow (5 of 7) by Rick Ferguson

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Psalm 127:3-5

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INTRODUCTION: Kathy and I have just released an arrow...This
year our oldest son Brett graduated from high school. For most of us,
graduation from high school was something of a major “right of
passage” from childhood and dependence upon our parents to
adulthood and independence from our parents.

A lot of reflective thoughts have been going through my mind since his
graduation. As I stood there on the platform and watched my “little
boy” walk across the platform and receive his diploma I had very
mixed emotions.

(1) I had emotions of elation, joy and pride...

? I was very proud of his accomplishments
? I was very proud that he lived his life consistently as a Christian
through high school. (We’ve had a number of teachers tell us he
was a spiritual leader in his school)
? I was proud of his accomplishments in school. He was President
of the Student Body in his Senior year.
? He looked so grown up. He is no longer a little boy. Now he is
as tall as I am, and he wears a suit coat two sizes bigger than me.
He can bench press more than me!
? He is now a young man. And I swelled with pride because I
really believe he is an honorable young man, who has a heart for

(2) I had emotions of deep gratitude...

? I was thankful for all the joy that God brought into our lives and
home through Brett.
? I was thankful for all the fun memories I have of him growing
? I was thankful that he never displayed a spirit of rebellion. He
never really ever got into serious trouble.
? I was thankful that he dev ...

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