Is The Traditional Family Irrelevant? (3 of 7) by Rick Ferguson

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Is the Traditional Family Irrelevant?
Series: Family Survival in the 21st Century
Rick Ferguson
Genesis 1:26-28; 2:18-25

? Is the traditional family becoming a "20th Century dinosaur?"
? Is the traditional family unit of a husband, wife and children, becoming a thing of the past?
? Has human society evolved to a new level of social enlightenment and the traditional nuclear family is no longer considered relevant?

I don't have to tell you that the traditional family is in serious trouble today. There is a major move in western culture to "Re-define" the family. The movement is toward restructuring the way we define family from being a husband and a wife committed to each other for a lifetime in a legitimate marriage to any two "significant others" living together at a particular time and place.

EX. Last year the city of Denver extended family "health and work benefits" to any "significant other" or "live in companion" of a city employee. This would include of course:
? Live-in boy friends or girl friends of city employees
? Live-in homosexual and lesbian companions

This was a major shift from the traditional way the government has defined "family" in the benefits is extends to its employees and their families. The "Gay Community" lobbied heavily for this new definition of family.

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